Sunday, February 18, 2007

Do Americans Want to Bail?

I've wondered about this, but with how the poll questions are worded, it's nearly impossible to get a good feel for this. Captain Ed cites a poll that runs counter to the conventional wisdom--saying that the majority of Americans do NOT want to cut and run in Iraq. I hope this is true.

But why did the majority of Americans vote for Democrats in the mid-term elections, then? And will Americans vote for them again the next time around?


Anonymous said...

Bush has gotten to the point where he thinks he doesnt have to answer to anyone. I don't mind that we are in Iraq but his report card grades are really dropping. SOMEONE MUST FINISH THINGS OVER THERE WITH A NUKE ON IRAN AND IRAQ

Antoinette said...

I understand thinking Bush is too soft and has not prosecuted this war vigorously enough. But voting for Dems won't help that. Dems want to surrender, period.

Anonymous said...

WHAT do you mean he thinks he doesn't have to answer to anyone!? Seems to me he has done everything he can to involve the democrats and they want to play politics to the ultimate destruction of us all. I do agree however that we should have probly levelled the place when we first went there....i wonder if it's too late for that? We need to untie our troops hands and let them do what needs to be done WITHOUT worry of prosecution by pantload liberals. c

Melissa Clouthier said...

It should be noted, that when it comes to waging war, the President doesn't have to answer to anyone. Did President Clinton answer to anyone about Kosovo (where troops still are stationed, by the way)?

I have no problem with disagreeing with the President's and his General's strategy, but I do have a problem with interference in an active campaign. The Democrats have lost their Borg-like mind. History will show them to be the worst sort of actors--hoping for the failure of America. And may a pox be on the house of the Congressional Republicans who joined them.

There is a word for this behavior: Traitor.

carol said...


It's craven, what they're doing. I can see wishing we'd never gone in the first place, but this is no way to end it. It's the perennial drop-out syndrome. Don't like what's going on, drop out. We boomers did it in our college days, now they want to go there again.

Anonymous said...

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