Friday, February 09, 2007

The Embryonic Stem Cell Sham

I have posted on this topic often--every time some new advance is announced, I try to keep my readers informed. Stem cell research could change the future, but embryonic stem cell research has been, thus far, an abysmal failure. Is that why the New York Times won't write about fantastic new research showing yet another hopeful advance in amniotic stem cell research--namely that they are multi-potent (can become the three germ layers and more) just like the ESC and replicate fast but don't cause cancer? Michael Fumento thinks so:

As stem-cell researcher Malcolm Alison of the University of London told a British newspaper, the amniotic cells "appear to be at least as malleable as embryonic stem cells but without all the ethical baggage."

For all the talk over the morality of using human embryos in medicine, perhaps there's another moral issue at play: Non-embryonic stem cell researchers are already performing miracles, such as growing new heart and liver tissue and treating multiple sclerosis – all in living humans. Yet they struggle to get federal funds for their research.

Given the growing number of state initiatives that fund embryonic stem cell, but not non-embryonic stem cell, research and given that overall National Institutes of Health funding increases are unlikely anytime soon, is it truly moral to take away funds from a technology that's been saving lives for half a century in favor of another technology that promises nothing but "promise"?

Science plays politics in disturbing ways. Michael Crichton's book Next touched on it, but for great insight to something as important as HIV research read Candice Pert's book Molecules of Emotion. Everything from thievery, to withdrawal of funding to deceit. It's a wonder any medical advances even happen. Her book also touches on the science and spirit of "information substances" like hormones and such. A great read!

Anyway, some people simply don't want to be told "no". Some people don't want any doors closed, even if the morals of the action are very iffy. What bothers me most about all the supposed ESC science is the willful deception of the public on this issue by people who claim their mission is finding the truth.

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Anonymous said...

Because Embryonic Stem Cell Magick has become a fundamentalist dogma. The equivalent of Young Earth Creationism for those who have "Evolved Beyond All That".