Sunday, February 25, 2007


The flu and good blogging are mutually exclusive, I've come to believe. For the last month, what I thought was some weird virus--cyclical fever, aches and pains, headache, and personality changes that include grumpiness, whining and general malcontent--turned out to be the flu.

It all makes sense now. My husband and then each successive kid got sick every seven days. But I was deceived by the common cold at the beginning of the cycle. So my one son, who I had thought started this is just now getting the flu. Nice.

Before yesterday, I had been out of the house for a total of two and 1/2 hours over three weeks. Thankfully, the sun started to shine last week and I could air out the house.

Anyway, I've had more spelling errors, typos, problems with tenses, it's kinda embarrassing. I need an editor. As an explanation, you should know that I haven't blogged without a child either literally on me or "on me" for the past month. It won't change in the next week or two since the flu has one more kid to go through.

Why can't everyone get the flu all at the same time? Why msut ti eb tht evry kd gets' it one aftre anothre?

Mistery four teh ages'.


MaxedOutMama said...

Ah! That sounds truly miserable. At least you know the cycle is almost over.

After one of those, I bleach all the fixtures, including door knobs, in the house. It seems to cut down on the lapses.

You have my great, great sympathy.

Anonymous said...

Scary when you actually can read this last sentence and understand it! Hope everyone will get to feeling better soon. Our house...(me primarily) has been sick as well. Good thoughts and prayers are with you as always.

Chalmers said...

Totally unrelated to your blog entry... WE JUST ENTERED TEXAS AGAIN!!! Woo Hoo, it is good to be home. Man Louisiana bites.

Get well soon dude