Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Interesting Things To Read While I Wipe A Nose & Rock A Baby UPDATED BELOW

Jeff Goldstein takes on gay marriage again. Are semantics important? Yes, which is why gay marriage advocates are so attached to the word marriage.

Ace is his usually cheeky self. If you hadn't heard, expletive loving, bilge releasing, Catholic-hating Amanda Marcotte has been loosed on society again. She resigned from the Edwards campaign. Lest you think I exaggerate the danger that such a person would have on the already sewer-like political discourse, here's an example of her writing with me substituting certain letters with exclamation points*:

I’m not an idiot. I’m a t!at. Get it straight.

I’m a hot, moist, inviting t!at. Warm, wet, inviting. But not to you or your friends. Even if I were single, these nubile thighs do not wrap around the hips of Republicans. You can fuck yourselves or the dry t!ats of the self-hating misogynists who will allow you tiny p!!!s to penetrate them. Have fun! Um, the wounds you get from rubbing you un-lubricated d!!k repeatedly into your heartless, soulless woman–iodine is your best friend, my be-scarred friend.

Gina Cobb is calling out the Left for their blame game. She says:

Just as I predicted.

First the appeasers argued that it was far too early to worry about stopping Iran's nuclear ambitions. Iran was five, ten or more years away from nuclear weapons, they argued. Evidence to the contrary was ignored or dismissed.

Now -- having burned up precious months and years endlessly discussing the problem and playing with their cherished but useless skills of diplomacy, they've begun to argue that it's already too late.

Kinda like they were for the surge before they were against it? More troops and whatnot.

Speaking of Iran, Captain Ed has "smoking guns" from Iran being used by insurgents in Iraq. What will America do? I really do feel like Iran is one big Mullah Toddler pushing the boundaries and waiting to be spanked.

If the mid-term elections were any indication, GOP bloggers are out-of-step with average Americans. I mean, I still thought the GOP could pull it off on election-eve. I'm an optimist that way. So, an online poll puts Giuliani and Gingrich neck in neck. Do you think Gingrich can win the general election? I'm not so sure........ He's just so weird looking, for one thing and that does seem to make a difference to general election voters. Otherwise, how do you explain anyone being for John Edwards campaign? Link courtesy Conservative Grapevine. Oh, and Betsy has this morsel about Giuliani:

"In the business world, if two weeks were spent on a nonbinding resolution, it would be considered nonproductive," Giuliani told the lunch crowd, setting off a burst of laughter.
Humor goes a long way with the voting public. Make the jury laugh......

Meanwhile, in New York fashion, this is the attention grabber. I look forward to seeing Rosie in one. Maybe it will impede here mouth muscles.

Mama talks about "scientific humility" and says:
There is a type of intellectual humility before reality that becomes a habit of mind in real scientists. This trait seems to be on a wane in our wider society, and I think that ebb is a severe cultural danger. The psychological effects of shifting all arguments from the objective (is this true? how could we figure out if it is?) to the subjective (do you support me or are you against me?) is the eternal subjective argumentation of the cause-haunted public figures of our day produces endless, irresolvable conflict.
I guess the distinction is "real scientists". My experience with scientists is that they tend to be dogmatic and ego-centric. There is no more serious ego-driven hierarchy than in a lab. I do agree with the fact that society is "shifting arguments from the objective". This is a result of post-modernism where what you experience and what I experience is equally valid and true. Truth is defined to be my experience. And, who are you to judge?

LaShawn Barber says there's another "Duke Rape case". Uh oh..... And, she's bringing to light the people, legal Mexican immigrant people, fighting illegal immigration.

Have you heard, read or been hammered in the head enough about Global Warming? No, you say. Well, then I'm here to help: Over at One Hand Clapping, Donald Sensing writes some sense about this most emotional of "scientific" topics. Oh, and it's being caused by the sun. Republicans are very powerful. I'm quite sure they are causing those sun surges. They like surges so much.


MaxedOutMama said...

Ahhhh! That "heartless, soulless woman" quote! She's a nasty bit of work, isn't she?

Dr. Melissa said...

She's a credit to feminism. Ha!