Monday, February 26, 2007

Iraq: It's Personal

One of our patients has a son in Fallujah right now. Please pray not only for the soldiers, but the parents, too. The parents, wives, girlfriends, sacrifice so much.

For the record, this young man has the smarts and talents to be anything. He chose to serve. He is college educated. We are proud of him and grateful for his service.

He's not the only hero. There are thousands and each man and woman has a family, a friend, a loved one who misses them.

Blue Crab Boulevard has a son over there and has this on oil revenue sharing in Iraq.

And here are some letters from Iraq via Instapundit.

Living with snipers in Fallujah and Ramadi.

Week Two of the Surge in Iraq. Here's what's going on.

Mystery weapons are being found in Iraq.

StrategyPage has a story about how Arabic is finally! being learned by U.S. forces. I think the U.S. better have all sorts of language experts given the cozy relationships between Russia, Iran, China, and nefarious regimes everywhere. Good thing about Hugo Chavez: we've got Spanish speaking Americans out the wazzoo!

Mrs. Greyhawk has some great links about what's going on in Iraq today. This one, by a soldier in Fallujah is particularly good and with pictures, too.

And if you haven't been checking out Victory Caucus, you should be. I love this quote by Winston Churchill: An appeaser is someone who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last. Those damned crocs, they just never get filled up.


Anonymous said...

Just heard from a distant family member on my husbands side, that his son was just shot by a child playing with a gun in Iraq. The soldiers just finished giving the kids candy.
One soldier was killed and the other one is critically injured.

Good post here. Thanks!

Melissa Clouthier said...

Terrible. So sorry. Every minute is dangerous over there.

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