Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Michael Crichton Causes Global Warming

I feel bad for being even mildly critical of Michael Crichton's writing style after seeing this link via the Anchoress. He is hot! And brainy, too.

So I finished his recent book Next which is about genetic engineering.
Lot's of interesting science in it. Lot's of interesting ethical dilemmas. Perhaps the most interesting characters were the human/animal hybrids who could talk and think like humans and looked animal--well, kinda animal.

For those of us who could swear that their dog passes judgment on them (I know Cali did of me when she was alive, that disapproving glare was too much), it's not much of a stretch that a genetic mutation could give them the ability to actually say, "Are you sure you want to eat that fourth Pepperidge Farm Raspberry Milano? You know that's excessive."

Talking dogs and glowing fish. How do you feel about these potential marvels of medicine?