Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Personal Stuff On Blogs

Is personal stuff on blogs "oversharing"? Ace thinks so:

One thing I agree with: The personal stuff on blogs? I know a lot of people consider blogs to be partly a personal journal, but I've always had a major "ick" reaction to that. Not just Sullivan's beagles, boyfriend, and bronchitis stuff, but personal stuff from anyone.

Who cares?

I try to avoid that myself under the "who cares" principle.

I guess a lot of people do care, but it always seemed like oversharing to me.
So what of it, do you like when bloggers share personal stuff or is it "oversharing"?
Should bloggers share personal stuff?
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Anonymous said...

I don't see a problem with it if the blogger feels comfortable with it and doesn't give away any information that may facilitate a crazy tracking him/her down for one reason or another. Often shared experiences can open anothers eyes to similar personal experiences or beliefs, situations or problems. c

Anonymous said...

I share stories about my own experiences and it is unbelievable the wonderful e-mails I have gotten from people. Some are so personal and long that they can not be put on the comment sections. I've been deeply moved and would have never expected this type of reactions.

I think blogging is personal. People will chose blogs that speak to them. There is room for everyone - and something for everyone. Those who don't like personal stuff just don't need to log on to those site. That's the beauty of the internet.