Monday, February 05, 2007

Random Thoughts

Betsy doesn't trust McCain and neither do I.

MaxedOutMama doesn't trust the economy and has some mortgage warnings...and if I were smarter I'd know what the heck she is talking about.

Via Fausta, this funny AskMom post about laundry detergent:

Where in the name of Heaven do you put that bucket? There's never a place on the floor that someone won't trip over. And the baby will open the lid, you know they will, even if YOU can't, and eat the stuff. Or their ever-helpful seven year old sister will leave the lid open after she performs a virtuous service and puts all your wool sweaters in the washer. With hot water. Any detergent the baby doesn't eat, she'll leave in a pile by the bucket so your fifteen year old nephew will kick it under the machines while he's under the influence of his i-Pod.
Unlike AskMom, we do have a cupboard and shelf above the washer but it is so high, you herniate your upper thoracics just pulling the lug of a box down. My husband favors those boxes. As he gleefully sung, while skipping down the detergent aisle at Sam's yesterday (he was in a good mood--Super Bowl and all),

"Bigger is better!!!"

No, it isn't. Reminded me of Kramer (back when we just thought he was funny, not a bile-bellied racist) when he went crazy at Sam's and filled his apartment with industrial sized cans of chili. Um, who eats that? A horse in Central Park, that's who.

While we'll definitely use up a one-ton truck size of detergent, I cannot lift it. And it raises my blood pressure to see it there and know I'm going to have to make a doctors appointment to move the stuff (of course, the appointment is with my husband the chiropractor who got me in this mess to begin with.)

All you die-hard mommies are going to mock me, but I use this. People will protest--but it really isn't that concentrated. Yes it is. I have the clean, former poop-soiled onesies to prove it. I do a million loads of wash. You do, too. This detergent, while somewhat more expensive, saves room and saves my spine. So there! Sometimes, smaller is better--except when it's not.

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