Friday, February 16, 2007

Saying No To Big Government, When Yes Would Be Personally Beneficial

Why would someone want a government that wouldn't benefit himself? Jay Tea explains his rationale in No Blogger Is An Island:

So yeah, John, sometimes my own philosophical beliefs directly conflict with my own self-interest. That's OK with me. Hell, in some ways, it's reassuring. It tells me that I am not simply taking the most expedient, selfish, easiest way out of a situation.

So sometimes it gets a bit uncomfortable. But it helps me sleep a bit better at night.
Here's how my philosophy conflicts with my own self-interest:
I would like the schools in Texas, and my district in particular, do a much better job with special needs children. But I don't want 100% more Taxes ala New York to get a 25% increased benefit. The ratio of resources:effectiveness is hardly 1:1.

Our government does not save us, we save us. Every time the government intrudes further, personal responsibility erodes. And while it sounds nice and fanciful to have the government be my Knight in Shining Body Armor, I'll decline, thank you. The ball and chain that goes with the get-up is just too much of a pain to make it worth it.

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