Wednesday, March 28, 2007

American Idol Results Live-blogging

Last night was a waste, but tonight at least one bad performer is going home. So, I'll start soon.

UPDATE: Well, a medical building is burning here in Houston. Wow, are those fire fighters brave. The whole building is melting and they are going in floor by floor, closet by closet.

Here we go. Will tonight be anti-climatic? I'm already irritated by Gwen Stefani. Ryan is doing Sanjaya's hair. Simon and Randy both look aghast.

Phil is so dang creepy. His eyes, his awkward moves. Something is wrong with him.

Commercial time. Did you hear about the website that says to vote for Sanjaya and that's why he's getting all the votes? You know, I felt at the beginning when they were choosing people for the final 24, that they were making some ode to multiculturalism and that at least half of them they knew wouldn't last no matter what. They should choose the best singers, singers they'd be happy with if they succeed. That guy who won last year looks fifty years old and is dull. Taylor Hicks. Ugh.

What the heck is this? Mustangs, huh. Chris is actually riding, I think. That was weird.

Three Lowest: Freaky Phil Stacey in the bottom three. No surprise. Hallelujah! Haley is in the bottom three!!! Please be Chris, please be Chris. Aww, Gina is left hanging.

Safe: Blake and LaKisha safe. After being at the bottom, Chris is safe. Melinda, of course. Jordin safe.

Here comes Gwen. I actually like this song, but she cannot sing. See how she's very tight with her moves on the stage? She should have given the singers advice about using the stage, stage make-up, creating a persona, that type of thing. That's her strength, it's certainly not carrying a tune.

Chris and Gina. Gina is safe. Yay! I'll be happy if any of the bottom folks go. Phil is safe. Please, send Haley home. Argh!!! Haley stays. Chris is going home. Well, the song did stink as his singing it again demonstrates.

Generally snoozy.

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