Monday, March 05, 2007

And Some Parents Are Horrible

And they always say things like this:

Joy Miller says the two young women are NOT bandits. In her words, "They're little girls that made a bad choice."
And this:

CNN reported this morning that the mother of the two young children, Shattoria Russell, was sleeping in the next room with a toothache. While she expressed disapproval of what the two men did, she said she didn’t think they should have to do hard time.

However, Bruce Ure, director of public safety for the city of Watauga, Texas, said the tape clearly showed that this wasn’t the first time the boys had smoked marijuana.

Mr. McCoy’s grandmother, Shirley Russell, told The A.P. “I’m very upset about it. I didn’t raise them like that, and they know I didn’t raise them like that,” she said.

And, no, they're never, ever raised this way. It's always a mystery how these things happen.

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Chalmers said...

FYI, there is a female voice in the background on the video... they don't know the source of the voice, yet. My bet, the toothache had her smoking away the pain, right along with her cousins.

I am hoping for the holy trinity of outcomes, jail time for all three of these rejects.