Monday, March 26, 2007

Anna Nicole "Accidental" Death

Anna Nicole died from an "accidental overdose" and fanatics now have a new Elvis, Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe, name your self-destructive, beloved star. What does it say about our society that this generation's tragic star was really an untalented woman who used her body to succeed? Elvis could sing. Princess Diana served. Marilyn Monroe could act. What did Anna do?

She stripped, she sold her body, she used drugs and alcohol, she enlarged her breasts. I guess she's just the post-modern feminist. Well, with her "accidental" death, there's plenty of room to keep the conspiracy alive.

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Anonymous said...

Morning drive-time radio this morning started out with a breathless "ANNA NICOLE AUTOPSY RESULTS!" in great detail, then went to "In Other Stories, World War Three just started..." covering with the Iranian seizure of those British sailors.

That says it all.