Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Christian Gated Community

LaShawn Barber has a "fantasy" about living and working exclusively with Christians. Her sister called it heaven.

I look forward to heaven where I know everyone will be perfect. In this world, some Christians annoy me as much as non-believers, some more. Sinners abounded at the Christian college I went to. Shocking, I know (not just the fact I went to a Christian school, but that sin was there, too). Who would have thunk it? People generally tried to be and do better, but there was a sordid underbelly. What would have passed for normal behavior at a regular college--drugs, sex, rock-n-roll--got the offender expelled at the Christian college, which was a good thing. On the other hand, when administrators looked the other way (especially for their own transgressions), a foulness pervaded the environment.

The main problem with contained Christian anythings is that disagreements often get characterized as "spiritual problems" so real change or improvements can be difficult to execute. Any difference with a person of authority is an "attitude problem" which negates the concerns or ideas. It's the attitude that matters more than the rightness or wrongness of an issue. Lots of rot thrives under the God-loving veneer because the hierarchical nature of religions and their institutions.

Don't get me wrong, at least in Christian environments people are trying. The bar is set higher on beliefs and behavior. In an idealistic environment though, disenchantment can quickly enter the milieu. Ironically, that can be a stumbling block for fragile believers.

So no, I'm not interested in the gated Christian community. Not in this life, anyway. I hope to be included when in the next one, though.

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MJG said...

I've been an isolated Chritian for most of my life and frankly, if I can find a good Christian gated community, I will go...