Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Scoot Over Washington Press, It's Not All About You

If Seinfeld was a show about nothing, than the Libby Trial was almost certainly a trial about nothing. Lots of people are covering it. I just can't get enthused. It's more of the same: the Left railroads someone on the Right for a triviality and tries to make it something it isn't, the Right plays defense yet again. Tired. Of. It.

The other thing I don't like about the Libby Trial is that it is all so much High School in-crowd blabbering. What a bunch of children the Washington press core turn out to be. We always knew this, we do watch Sunday morning shows, and listen to the bug-eyed banality from Helen Thomas and her little minion and Dan Rather wannabe oh, I can't even be bothered to remember his name (just remembered it--David Gregory), but you know who I'm talking about, and read editorial pages after all, but still. This trial really shows just how absolutely not normal they are.

And this post isn't even original. It was said before.

Let's list the world's pressing concerns: Iraq surge, Iran nuclear weapons, Russia assassinating everyone, Russia bullying Europe, China commencing war games, South America going to hell in a socialist manifesto, illegal alien's, terrorists infiltrating our country one rectum embedded magnet at a time, and all other sorts of insanities.

And the Washington Press is all stroked out over Scooter Libby and all hopeful that Dick Cheney will 1) die or 2) resign. Boys and girls, Dick Cheney is going to be out of his job in one year. Can we actually pay attention to something important for a change? Please.


Chalmers said...

Does the Libby trial remind you of the triviality of the Clinton fiasco of the 90s? Or is obstruction of justice something that only the republicans are allowed to exploit? The person who should be investigated is Cheney, since he was the one driving the information leaks.

There were not many Republicans complaining about the Ken Starr investigation, but plenty of Republicans are complaining about Libby.

If it is good for the goose, is it good for the gander?

Love you sis.

Minor Ripper said...

Quite frankly I've found this Libby business very complicated, and a bit boring. Thankfully, Stephen Colbert explains it to me in this video:

Melissa Clouthier said...

That's a very simplistic view of the case. I'm guessing that's why the Democrats hold this view--something they wrap their minds around.

The Independent Council law, which the Dems started after Nixon should be abolished. And the Press is working themselves into a situation where no one in the government will ever talk to them.

Actually, I think that 's a good thing. Anonymous sources are junk sources 95% of the time. The Press would actually have to work for a living instead of being spoon-fed inside information.

But overall, this whole thing is a snoozer. Joe Wilson outted his wife, who wasn't covert, so no crime. This all started because of his big fat mouth. Had he not felt compelled to write an NYT op-ed, perhaps no one in the press would have gone snooping, 'eh? And since Richard Armitage is the one who leaked the identity, why isn't he being prosecuted? FOR A CRIME. Oh, that's right, the whole "cover up" thing wouldn't work because, well, everyone knows that Armitage wasn't a huge fan of his own President.

And after seeing all the journalists misremembering, it's pretty rich to hold an official to a different standard, don't you think? Oh, that's right, he's Republican. He cooperated, he didn't parse words, "Depends on what the definition of is, is", he didn't say "I did not have sexual relations with that woman"--bold face lying not only to the public but to a prosecutor (and, as I recall, the President didn't spend any time in jail for obstruction of justice, did he? So will that be ok with you if Scooter just gets disbarred ala Bill?) and he remembered wrong.

I love simplistic comparisons. They make for such good news. Accuracy and truth don't matter.

Meanwhile, really important news happens. Like Anna Nicole's son might get exhumed!

Anonymous said...

The other thing I don't like about the Libby Trial is that it is all so much High School in-crowd blabbering. What a bunch of children the Washington press core turn out to be.

Especially when, as Anchoress wrote several years ago "They prep their Queen for Homecoming. They have never left High School. They will never leave High School."

To which I add: "And they will NEVER let the rest of us leave High School."

Chalmers said...

I missed it sis, did you respond to the fact that Cheney has been leaking choice info throughout the last 6 years?

Melissa Clouthier said...

And what evidence do you have Chalmers, that he has leaked "choice info"? The friggin' CIA has been a sieve and aren't they in the secret business? Or is it only secret when they like the Prez?

Anonymous said...

doubleplusgoodthink, comrade chalmers!
doubleplusgood doubleplusduckspeak!