Thursday, March 08, 2007

What Sins Disqualify You?

A few questions:

  • If you have been adulterous or divorced or a porn star in your past, does that disqualify you from public service or office?
  • Must a Republican have only a squeaky clean past or are sinners disqualified?
  • Do only Democrats get the benefit of the vast pool of sinners?
  • Or if they are Democrats not really sinners because there is really no such thing as sin and certainly no such thing as a sinful Democrat?
I guess it's impossible to be a hypocrite if you're a Democrat because there are no standards to violate. Wait a minute, I thought progressives were for individual freedom and diversity of thought and diversity of race and diversity of gender and diversity of sexual orientation. I thought the progressive agenda extolled identity politics and would love, say, a gay, ex-porn star who fights for minority rights and also happens to be a military officer and Hispanic. Isn't that like a five-fer? What's that you say? The diversity thing only works if you're a Democrat and believe the same thing as them? So, diversity means leftist conformity?

Now, it all makes sense. The only sin is non-conformity to leftist defined diversity. And by that definition anyone not a leftist is a sinner. Big. Fat. Sinner. No wonder a person is labeled wrong when they're "Right".

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