Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ace High On The River Delivers A Royal Flush

Almost a month ago now, we got together with the Pink Necks to play Texas Hold 'Em. One of our friends and I share a couple disturbing traits:

  • We have received the same cards and split pots four times now (three times in one night).
  • We often play the same cards the same way.
This happened to dramatic effect that night. I got the 10 and Jack of spades. He got the Jack and 10 of clubs. On the flop, up came a 10. So we both paired up right away. I can't remember now who bet first. Needless to say, the other called. Also in the flop, a 3 of spades for me and the Queen of clubs that could help on the way to a straight. So we both had the opportunity for a straight or flush draw.

Fourth card comes, it's a King of clubs. I'm inwardly groaning and hoping that he doesn't have clubs. I'm figuring him for a Jack and Ten, actually, which is what he had. I was just hoping it wasn't clubs. Ofcourse, they were clubs. By this time though, I was too far in the money. A wiser person would have thrown in and not waited for a river card, but I couldn't let them go.

Now, here's where it got dramatic. We're both all in and my bud says,"Come on, Ace of Clubs!" And guess what comes on the River? You see it for yourself.

It was a one in a million night. Actually, the odds for a Royal Flush are 1 in 649,740. But what are the odds that another person at the table is holding suited Jack and Ten as well?

Crazy. Fun.

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