Friday, April 20, 2007

Baldwin-Basinger Slug Fest

Does anyone need any more evidence that two people bound by a child should stay together for the sake of the child? I know, it's counter-intuitive. Imagine this: Had this family chosen to stay together they would all have access to their possession--their child--anytime they want.

Instead, they fight over the child as if she were a ..... prized thing.

Alec Baldwin is an insufferable pompous ass. Kim Basinger is not a negotiator in good faith.

Hello? There is a child in this mess and she has the pleasure of hearing her father call her names and thanks to her mom, publicly. She is forced to defend two parents doing the indefensible. Unlucky girl.

Baldwin has an anger problem. He keeps it up, he'll never see his child.

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mcewen said...

I thought that your laws were more or less the same as ours in principle = the best interests of 'the child.' I suppose some people are 'above' the law whatever country they live in!