Friday, April 13, 2007

A Prostitute the Left Loves to Hate

What happens when a brown woman dares defy a progressive leftist leader? Why he calls her a prostitute, because he has no relevent arguments, of course.


Chalmers said...

I watched both clips... not all that impressed with the interviewer or the interviewees. She has been trained well to look and sound just like Bill.

I am not sure that "Political Prostitute" is all that offensive of a term, but she did delight in getting his goat.

Melissa Clouthier said...


Would she have been called a political prostitute if she was white or male? No, the Left's racism is disgusting: if a person of color, especially a woman, dares to have a different perspective, the first instinct isn't that she's got a valid point of view--it's that she's sold out her race and gender. It's the worst sort of bigotry and especially horrible given what the attacker's community has experienced in the past.

That word, prostitute.... Can you imagine for one moment a white man saying that to a woman of color, any woman, on a news show and getting away with it?