Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Reid's Sin

Anyone with a moral compass pointing true North sees Reid for what he is. But why would the Dems be mad at him? Jeff Goldstein gets exactly why:

It is telling that Reid’s fellow Democrats are reacting quickly to his gaffe, not because they don’t wish to see us lose the war— after all, many of them have staked their political future on just that—but rather, because they desperately don’t want to be seen as wishing us to lose. So they are forced to straddle the issue, agitating for legislation that will hamstring the military, offering propaganda victories to our enemies, and providing constant “dissent” that weakens troop morale and emboldens terrorism by giving the impression that the tactic is useful should its practitioners hope to divide a population—all while pretending to care about the troops and wring their hands over the possibility of a loss that they are working actively to help bring about.

Reid’s sin, from the Democratic Party’s perspective, is that he gave voice to the very kind of surrender rhetoric that has long cost Democrats the trust of the American people on issues of national security. Or, to put it another way, Reid’s blunder was one of candor—when what the Democratic party is about these days is keeping up appearances.
This is my first Reid post. The Democrats have descended to new lows. I'm always surprised that I'm still surprised. The Democrats behavior is exactly what I expected and yet, I so hoped I was wrong.

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Anonymous said...

Rule 1:
The Party Is Never Wrong, Comrades.

Rule 2:
See Rule 1.