Monday, May 14, 2007

Katie Couric: Is It A Woman Thing?


It's a Katie thing. There's a big chunk of the world who isn't interested in her.

It's a biased thing. If the woman attempts to be unbiased, it's a feeble attempt.

It's a boring thing. How is Couric a big, dramatic change? Everyone knows her. Everyone already had an opinion. Snooze.

It's a technology thing. Younger people are on this new Internets contraption.

In short, it's not a woman thing. It's a stupid thing. Stupid TV executives. And ultimately, stupid Katie.


Biby Cletus said...

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Biby Cletus

Anonymous said...

How could "a big chunk of the world" NOT be interested in Celebrity Katie? And BOTH the "Assets" she brings to her position?

MaxedOutMama said...

You said it. How anyone can claim it's anti-female bias with a straight face is beyond me.

They could try putting a little more actual news in there; the response might surprise them!!!