Saturday, May 05, 2007

MacBooks, Pistons, Rockets and Nowitski

Here is a commentary on our times:

My brother and his wife each are plunking away on lap-tops (one Mac, one PC), my husband on his laptop watching his flatscreen, me on the iMac, and oh, my sister-in-law watching the iChat on the MacBook sitting next to her. There were more computers than people.

Today, brother and sister-in-law and husband are iChatting in the same room with my daughter watching over the shoulder of my SIL.

"Ewwwwwwwwwww! Aunt A, I told you, you shouldn't marry him."

Uncle M, "Too late, little niece. We're already married. But even if Aunt A and I weren't together, you'd be stuck with me. In fact, I'd probably live in the pool house in the back yard [Note to readers: we have no pool house, a point I didn't note because he was on a roll] and roll out of my bed...."

My husband finishes, "And into the pool to take a bath."

"Yup, and then you'd be stuck with me all the time. I'd be that uncle."

She sidles up next to me and whispers, "Mom, Uncle M is gross."

"What did he do?"

"Picked his nose into the camera. His booger was huge"

This is where technology brings us. Three adults sitting around the same living room "chatting" and doing disgusting things into the camera. Meanwhile the playoffs continue.

And Houston lost, which sucks.

And Detroit won and won! (Wings and Pistons) Which doesn't suck. The Rockets fans are all about positive reinforcement. The Pistons' fans are, how to put this, more emotionally involved. Sometimes I think that is a good thing. While Houston is generally an easy-going city, sometimes I miss the do or die of Detroit. Okay, I miss the do. the die part I can live without. Michigan doesn't have much going for it these days besides natural resources and sports. Otherwise it's a socialist state. Speaking of.....

Dirk Nowitski is why socialism doesn't work. Good grief! That guy was phoning it in for the pension. Lame. Lame. Lame! What a joyless, soul-sucking player. Totally overrated and he gets the MVP? What utter crap. If you had to have a big man on your team would you pick him? I didn't think so.

And speaking of big men, what's up with all the crying these days? So many players are waiting for the call instead of going to the basket and willing the thing in there. Even Tim Duncan, a former favorite player, has turned into a world class cry baby. Take the ball to the bucket like you mean it and stop waiting for the call, already. Sheesh!

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