Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Melinda is Gone

I'm in shock.


Anna said...

The problem with Melissa was that she was consistently good, week to week. In a show that is supposed to uncover raw talent, she was just too good.

Anna said...

Er... that should be Melinda... not you. :o)

Sharon said...

Melinda will get a recording contract...she just won't have the title of "American Idol" on her resume. Anna, I agree, Melinda may have been too good from the beginning. I felt she was overly qualified to be an AI contestant...just my opinion...but it was a great tool for her talent to be showcased. In the end, I think she got booted because her overall style didn't capture a lot of people's attention. I think she has great talent, but wouldn't be inclined to buy her album.