Wednesday, May 23, 2007

More on Illegal Immigration

The government has made a big show lately of rounding up illegals, doing whatever the government does, and then the spasm of mollifying is over. It seems to me that these stunts have a few purposes: terrify illegal immigrants, enrage illegal immigration activists, and shame those who want the problem of illegal immigration to be solved by something other than amnesty. The charade seems to be an orchestrated dance for affect--it certainly isn't effective.

Again, being in Houston, a town that is 52% Hispanic (Mexican), gives me a perspective here that might be lost on the Blue Bloods condemning the "close minded" and "extreme right". I'd like to think of myself as neither. It is still possible to be against the immigration bill and not be a racist xenophobe.

In fact, in Houston, there is a very peaceful co-existence between Anglo and Mexican, mainly because, I believe, many, many Mexicans were original citizens here. Remember the Alamo? Mexicans fought on the side of Texas, America, because they weren't happy with the non-Democratic Mexican government headed by a megalomaniac, Santa Anna. Texas stood for freedom. Remember Sam Houston? Anyway, a survey given by a sociologist at Rice University (can't find it right now) showed that the vast majority of white Houstonians (80%) viewed the Mexican immigrants (illegal or otherwise) in a positive way. The communities are so enmeshed through work, church and marriage that it would be impossible to separate now. Well, not impossible, but it probably would kill the community to try.

The border towns suffer miserably, though, with the illegal immigration problem. Crime is rampant. Illegals march through private property. Some ranches get stolen from over and over and over. Houston has the problems I mentioned a couple days ago.

Rounding up illegal immigrants will be rendered meaningless if the border isn't shut. Most will come right back. It's a dangerous and expensive trip. The border must be shut before any other law gets enacted. Yes, that will cause inflationary pressure in America. Well, maybe our clotted bureaucracy will then have an incentive to create an easier path to legal immigration. We need the citizens in America to deeply desire to be a part of the fabric of the country and community. We don't need a fringe society.

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Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see what the next two weeks will yield in the Senate on this issue.