Friday, May 25, 2007

Torture, Real Torture UPDATED Scroll Down

Does anyone seriously doubt what has happened to our three missing soldiers? It's too horrible to contemplate. Here's a torture manual from the enemy just in case you're fuzzy on what torture really is. I get sick thinking about it, so I haven't posted about it. I'm not in denial. I know what those boys are enduring and my thoughts turn to their parents and wives and girl friends and family and friends. Can you imagine? Yes, we all can.

These incidents make the Left's posturing about the evil American soldiers all the more laughable. Please. A bra and panties verses a drill to the hand or chopping off limbs. And what of excusing the terrorist's behavior ala Rosie? Dr. Sanity explains how this explaining plays into the hands of terrorists:

Taking responsibility for their behavior is exactly what all the terrorists of the world expect you to do. Their implicit message is that somehow YOU are the one responsible for THEIR murders. If YOU had behaved differently, then YOU would not have CAUSED THEM to behave the horrible way they did. THEY are the victims, and you are the perpetrators. That is of course the ultimate weapon of the terrorist, isn't it? To make you feel that you cause their murderous behavior? That the beheadings would not have occurred IF NOT FOR YOU?
These terrorists are the living, breathing face of evil. They were not created by America. They exist with or without America. They hate every Western country. They hate us.

And if they are given a chance, they will torture.

UPDATE: Jeff Goldstein says:
Reached for comment, Andrew Sullivan’s outrage expressed outrage—noting that it would take the rest of the day off so it could “hose itself down, crank up the AC, and read a chapter of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with a pair of silky panties on my head in a show of solidarity with the victims.”
And Don Surber notes the press's outrage in the face of the abomination:
Whether intentional or not, the message is clear: The United States must be above even false reports of torture, while the enemy is allowed to promote eye removal, blowtorching skin and horrors I won’t go into.

The handbook shows that the enemy really is perverted and that its “cause” has less to do with global politics or any religion; they are sickos who like to torture people.

As much as I admire and respect John McCain’s war service, he is wrong when he says our interrogation methods encourage the enemy to torture our people. The enemy was torturing and beheading people well before 9/11.
That this does not disturb so many newspaper editors is in itself disturbing.
Glenn Reynolds says, "SILENCE ON TORTURE: Silence is complicity, you know."

Complicity. Propoganda. Tomato. Tomahto.

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