Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What Homeland Security?

Michelle Malkin has a must read post about tireless Washington Times reporter Annie Jacobson's detailing of an aborted/dry run terrorist attack attempt on a airline flight. The government screwed up, the air marshalls sat impotent, the stewardesses refused to correct the would-be terrorists (funny, they have no problem chiding people about their seat-backs--I hate all forms of petty tyranny) when they engaged in illegal behavior like camping out in a bathroom and standing in the aisles during take-off and landing.

Malkin closes with this: "Homeland security begins not with the White House or behemoth bureaucracies. It begins with you."


Anonymous said...

On a different note: FYI or you may want to share this with your readers.

Google has implemented a new feature which enables a person to type in a phone number in their search bar. It will give the persons name and address. If you hit Map Quest, it will show how to get to the persons house. This is a great concern for safetry issues and it is alarming. I don't know why Google did this.

Phone number can be removed by clicking on your phone number and than filling out the removal from.

Unlisted numbers do not come up. But many don't have unlisted #'s or have multiple ph#'s.

Anonymous said...

And the woman that blew the whistle was denounced by all media as "hysterical" and "racist".

See how Allah prepares the way for the triumph of His Jihadis? (And their 72 virgins...)

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