Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Buzz Attracts The Thought Fuzz

Good grief, can't a blood-thirsty, Nascar lovin' necon get a moment's peace--especially when he's just got the new job of a lifetime? Alas, no. James Lileks is getting a little push back from the smarter-than-thou crowd, evidently. How dare an intellectual "righty" opinionate even when he keeps his politics out of his column? Really, how dare he hold moderate thoughts? Only mouth-foaming p.c.-ism aka leftism is right. I mean correct. Right? He says:

Right, left - the terms are useless nowadays anyway. There are statists, and there are individualists. There are pessimists, and optimists. There are people who look backwards and trust in the West, and those who look forward and trust in The World. Those are the continuums that seem to matter the most right now.
How about this? I'm an optimistic, forward thinking West-trusting individualist. I never thought of myself that way until James brought it up, but since we're categorizing.....

This makes me think about divisions. The base of the Left are angry as hell that the Democrats won't do what they want them to do--withhold funding for Iraq, pass a generous amnesty, increase taxes, use aborted fetuses to study stem cells, pass an equal rights amendment, cut back on defense spending, put children into school at three, legislate a green utopia. The Democrats know that the vast majority of the American public would mutiny if they did do any of these, otherwise it would have been done by now.

So, the above 3% of the electorate is enraged. Why are the other 94% so mad?

Let's see: Fighting a war with our hands tied behind our backs, spending like it's daddy's money, refusing to enforce the rule of law at the border, pushing amnesty, serving the powerful, forgetting the little guy.

While everyone agrees the government stinks, a few want solutions that no one else wants. The vast majority disagree. And no one is listening to them either.

But I digress. We're all reduced to parts and pieces now, I guess. That seems odd considering that the general public is of such one mind when it comes to certain problems facing the country--even when the press is hammering away with the opposite opinion.

These are strange times for our country. America is the most unified divided country ever.

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