Thursday, June 21, 2007

Duke Rape: "This investigation wasn't a mistake--it was malice."

Ann Coulter brings ups a great point:

This investigation wasn't a mistake – it was malice.

The media love to drone on about the explosive combination of "race and sex" – and they'll wait forever for a single non-hoax case to prove it! In fact, the truly explosive combination is "liberal" and "mediocrity."

Half-bright liberals think Hollywood fantasies are real life. And in Hollywood, conservatives like Rush Limbaugh are never fabulously rich and successful. Conservative Christians like Tom DeLay are never savvy, influential congressmen. And handsome boys from good families are never nice.

Nifong was supposed to look like Gregory Peck – not like Bob Wexler! But it's the lacrosse players who look like Gregory Peck.

Second-rate liberals who went to mediocre schools and married mediocre women are burning with jealousy from their nondescript, mediocre jobs. So they use their government jobs to attack their betters and sneer about the players' "daddies."

Like so much injustice in America, this whole sick spectacle was the revenge of the mediocre against the successful. Stupid and envious is a bad combo platter.
Ever heard of "townies"? I bet it was townies versus Dukies before it was black versus white or woman versus man. And under it all is envy. The Duke players will be something. They're disciplined. They're hard working. And they will be successful.

Mike Nifong, Crystal Magnum, and the Duke 88 will be notorious. By Hollywood standards, that beats real accomplishment any day.

H/T Conservative Grapevine

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