Thursday, June 28, 2007

Illegal Immigration "In A Nutshell"

Blue Crab Boulevard:

And you wonder why we have a problem? People who are supposed to be officers of the court who ridicule the laws as mere paper. Advocates for illegal immigrants worried that the laws are being enforced and using the highly loaded - and ridiculous - term "intimidation". And greedy developers who want maximum work for minimum wage. And who have obviously been knowingly violating the laws for quite some time. Oh, and Senators who don't appear to care what the citizens of this country want - or in this case, don't want.
Mama said in the comments yesterday:
The reason why DC wants this bill is because corporations want it. The reason that the corporations want it is that the bill is set up to make it very easy for workers to come in and very hard for them to become citizens. So within a decade or two, they should have themselves a nice class of non-voting peasants who can never block them politically from importing even cheaper labor. It's a form of modern day slavery.
What about amnesty, though?


MaxedOutMama said...

There's no amnesty in this bill for the working-class people who are actually living here and have made a life for themselves - precisely the people who should have a path to citizenship. The head of household has to leave the country and go back to apply. How many American families could afford to send their head of household away for a few months to do that? It's designed to allow people to come here and work, and to shield the companies from facing penalties. It is not designed to help the people who would be a benefit to the country.

Those $7.50 an hour health care workers with no health insurance working in NYC aren't going to get much out of this. Yeah, they can work legally, but if they ever press for higher wages or (gasp) health insurance, this immigration package allows the companies to import more workers legally and throw out the old workers. It's a way to keep them peons for a lifetime.

Communists and corporations wrote this bill. The Communists are dreaming of generating a new oppressed proletariat to revolt, and the corporations are thinking about a lifetime supply of minimum wage workers. The Chief read up on them, and he figured it out for me. He's very smart.

MaxedOutMama said...

From the Heritage analysis:
CIRA creates an entirely new “temporary guest worker” (H-2C) program. There is nothing temporary about this program; nearly all “guest workers” would have the right to become permanent residents and then citizens.

Foreign workers could enter the U.S. as guest workers if they have a job offer from a U.S. employer. In practical terms, U.S. companies would recruit foreign workers to enter the guest worker program and immigrate to the U.S. Most likely, intermediate employment firms would specialize in recruiting foreign labor for U.S. employers.

Guest workers would be allowed to remain in the U.S. for six years.[4] However, in the fourth year, the guest worker could ask for LPR status and would receive it if he has learned English or is enrolled in an English class.[5] There are no numeric limits on the number of guest workers who could receive LPR status. Upon receiving LPR status, the guest worker could remain in the country permanently. He could become a U.S. citizen and vote in U.S. elections after just five more years.

The spouses and minor children of guest workers would also be permitted to immigrate to the U.S.[6] When guest workers petition for LPR status, their spouses and children would receive it as well. Five years after obtaining LPR status, these spouses could become naturalized citizens. The bill sets no limit on the number of spouses and children who could immigrate under the guest worker program. After workers and their spouses have obtained citizenship, they would be able to bring in their parents as legal permanent residents.

The bill does provide numeric limits on the number of guest workers who can enter the country each year, but the number starts high and then grows exponentially. In the first year, 325,000 H-2C visas would be given out, but if employer demand for guest workers is high, that number could be boosted by an extra 65,000 in the next year. If employer demand for H-2C workers continues to be high, the number of H-2C visas could be raised by up to 20 percent in each subsequent year.

The 20 percent exponential escalator provision allows the number of H-2C immigrants to climb steeply in future years. If the H-2C cap were increased by 20 percent each year, within twenty years the annual inflow of workers would reach 12 million. At this 20 percent growth rate, a total of 70 million guest workers would enter the U.S. over the next two decades and none would be required to leave. While it is unlikely that so many workers would enter, the program does have the potential to bring ten of millions of immigrants to the U.S.

The “guest worker” program, then, is an open door program, based on the demands of U.S. business, that would allow an almost unlimited number of workers and dependents to enter the U.S. from anywhere in world and become citizens. It is essentially an “open border” provision.

MaxedOutMama said...

It's Section 218C in the current bill.

A corporation can bring in anyone under an H2C. But the person can never become a legal resident, and the person will get thrown out of the country if unemployed for 60 days. These "temporary" workers can bring in spouses and children. They can also be reauthorized for another 4 years without leaving the country - BUT THEY CAN NEVER BECOME CITIZENS. Only children born here. So what do you think is gonna happen? That's right - these are indentured servants. They can't strike. They can leave, but if they ever piss off the company they'll be blacklisted and never get in again. Even the Nazis would admire this one.

I have Chief No-Nag do my heavy legal reading these days. He found it and pointed it out to me.