Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Life's A Bowl of Blueberries

I've been posting light--Vacation Bible School, relatives and what not. But Mama is on a roll this week. She has all sorts of insight into the SCOTUS decision about Campaign Finance (the reason McCain will never, ever get my vote). The "R" word is spoken--that's right America, you're in a recession.

And then there's the Blueberries. Which, by the way, I spent yesterday afternoon with my beloved children ad nieces and nephews blueberry picking. A thunderstorm was rolling in and the air cooled and we picked 42 pounds. It was meditative pulling those clumps of blueberries into the basket, hearing the bugs buzz. I plan on planting some bushes in my backyard.

Mama says that global cooling is happening and her proof is in the blueberries and some hard data.

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