Sunday, June 10, 2007

Non-Belief is the New Religion

A world where secularists control the media, science and increasingly religion; a world where non-belief is the belief; a world where nihilistic suicide is chosen over a constrained, but vital life, is a disturbed world indeed.

MaxedOutMama writes:

But we're not following the light of modern medical knowledge, and we're seeing the result en masse. We're becoming neither a scientific nor an Judeo-Christian culture; we are reverting to paganism, complete with the killing of sick children and diseased adults. So it's back to instincts, temple prostitution and human sacrifice for the non-religious or the non-scientific among us. Unfortunately, many of the scientific among us are climbing on the human sacrifice bandwagen as I write this.

Dick McDonald writes The Media is the Message:
The omission of truth is the most serious of all crimes committed by the Fourth Estate.
When I wrote about this before, a commenter complained, "so the problem isn't what's written, it's what's not're just looking for a reason to be upset". No, I worked in an editorial department where the stakes were hardly as high as national security or world hunger or soul crushing poverty or genocide or name the problem and to me, the most noteworthy element in any publications is what is excluded. Someone is deciding what is seen and what isn't. Something is being kept off the front page when the front page is Paris Hilton.

Here are some somethings:

President Bush receives a "hero's welcome" in Albania. Imagine. Gateway Pundit has the best pictures and comments. Evidently the media hasn't made it's mark over there--perhaps they believe all countries already hate Bush the way they do. For all my complaining about the Commander-in-Chief (see illegal immigration, refusal to engage the media and break-neck spending), I do believe that history will vindicate his unwavering stance in the face of Islamofascism.

And here's how The New York Time's emphasis and minimization affect what you know about so-called "child terrorists". There's no attempt to even pretend at balance.

And here's Ace's perspective:
New York Time editor admits he tanked the JFK bomb-plot story because he "questioned the timing" of it.

As Allah asks -- and as we always ask of these morons -- what precisely was Bush attempting to distract away from? From... nothing?

Can anyone explain what scary-important political event needed some "distracting" from? Oh yeah-- the Democratic political debate. As these are happening pretty much every other week, can we assume the NYT has decided that there can be no prominent reportage on terror busts until after Hillary! or Obamessiah has been safely sworn into office as President?
Yes, that's precisely when terrorism will become real to the media. And suddenly, like the economy under Clinton (even the last two depressed years), the news will be all miracules and courage and success. The message will be, "We never should have gone, good thing we have a Democrat to make lemonade out of the Bush lemon."

And then there's selective religious bigotry of the media.

It goes on and on. Betsy's Page has a veritable list of ways the news you see is not the real news at all.

Look alive people! The internet is your friend. Truth can be found, you just have to seek it.

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