Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Whole Lot of Nothing Happening

One of the perils of blogging at home, during summer vacation, with three children and a mother visiting who possesses the energy of ten lumberjacks in their prime, is that blogging gets side-lined. Not that I'm complaining. We are Getting Things Done. Pronto!

So, I'll be everywhere and there, but not here, for much more than a few minutes at a time. Luckily, not much is happening.... At least by the MSM's standards. I mean, a terror plot was foiled around JFK airport. Big efffin deal, right? Who gives a crap? Stupid "terrorists". Bush must need a boost in his poll numbers. Or is that the Democrats in congress?

Anyway, The Anchoress holds a different opinion on immigration and I think it's valuable to read all points of view. My response is simple: Seal the border. Then we'll talk. One reason I'm for small government is because I generally don't trust them to do what they're supposed to. (Witness Polio Boy squeezing through the system.) Since the '80s, when other solutions were offered and not followed through, leads me to believe the government's past actions are the best predictor of the future. So, yeah, I'm skeptical of the government's ability to actually do what they say they will do regarding the border. All the rest of the solutions currently proposed seem like convoluted slap-dash expedience. I'll concede that The Anchoress is kinder and smarter than I am. She may well know best. She is one of the few people on the internet it pains me to disagree with--I hold her opinions in high esteem.

For those supporting the immigration proposal, I want an answer to this: At what point does the culture become irrevocably changed by those who have no intention of assimilation or even obtaining citizenship? I want legal immigrants. I want the best and brightest. I want guys like my nail guy who LOVES AMERICA with a super-sized "L". He busts his arse every day to pay for each and every family member to come here legally. He's paying for his sister's college education. He owns his own shop now. He drives a huge Mercedes and he earned it. He's been here twelve years. He's living the American dream. And guess what? He speaks great English. And guess what? He loathes communism, socialism and all totalitarian states. He doesn't harbor pet fantasies of the government taking care of him. He knows what that "care" means.

I know many, many Mexican immigrants who have done the same thing. But I also know many more who have skulked around the edges of society with no intention of ever becoming American. The problem with the illegal influx is akin to affirmative action. The deserving achievers are assumed to have succeeded by getting special provisions. It diminishes everyone.

America needs more legal immigration. Seal the border. Make legal immigration easier to obtain. When I see those two simple steps taken, we can decide what to do with the twelve million currently here. And no, I do not believe deportation is an option. Who is seriously considering that? First things first: Seal the border.

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Anonymous said...

Yes I'm against the bill but I love immigrants too. Like the Egyptian who inadvertently but good-naturedly lectured our left-wing mayor, who was about to depart for a year in Nicaragua, how he would come to see what a great country the USA is from that experience. Sam was energetic, totally assimilated and entrepreneurial.

But too many of the latin American immigrants are uneducated and sheeplike. And their social values are worse than ours. My husband is 3rd gen immigrant, from illegals I'm sure, and even though the first 2 generations assmilated, the succeeding ones seem to be falling apart with crime, illigitimacy and welfare dependence. I hate to say it but I think our Catholic Church somehow lost all teaching influence with its people, or ceased teaching entirely.