Sunday, July 01, 2007

Al Qaeda: There Is Evil In The World

Can we stop the soft-focused fade aways of al Qaeda?

Al Qaeda severs the heads of children in front of their parents. Al Qaeda severs the heads of parents in front of children. These are people, rabid animals, driven by religious ideology coupled with criminally evil, morally empty expedient hunger for domination. These people love to kill and use their religion as a cover for their rage. It is sickening.

You need to see why the sophomoric, misapplied Christian bromides to win by "love" is so pernicious. I'll write in detail about all that later, but for now, it's important to see what happens when evil goes unchecked. Michael Yon writes from Baquba and there are graphic pictures. You need to see them.


Anonymous said...

Look forward to reading your viewpoints on "Christian bromides" and about the philosphy to "win by love" being pernicious. I think of some of our greatest spiritual teachers in our world today. They all speak against violence, against war, against hate and revenge. I don't think any of our legitimate spiritual teachers today understand this type of love as sophomoric. Perhaps the term "love" needs to be re-defined.

Viola Jaynes said...

Looking at the idea and the wisdom of triage and pre-emptive war it would appear that "love" plays a big part in this idea as "good" leaders look at a much bigger picture.

Also, there are times when the lesser of two evils must be chosen -when countries and leaders are between a rock and a hard place. President Truman's agonizing decision to drop the atomic bomb killing 180,000 civilians in order to prevent the death of six or seven million people, is a good example.

David Hawkins has an intersting study on war that makes one think. Leaders must learn to discern the intentions of other countries and leadership. He points out, for example, that the entire WWII "was stoppable at minimal cost or risk at the point Hitler's first invasion of the Rhineland, Sudentland, and Czechoslovakia."

Melissa, I would highly recommend the book, "Truth vs. Falsehood" by David Hawkins to you. I continue to learn so much from this man and he brings into sharp focus even very current events. You have a sharp mind for political matters, and I think you would find some useful and helpful information from him.

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