Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Barry Bonds: The Company We Keep

Birds of a feather and whatnot. Barry Bond's ex-mistress is doing a Playboy spread. Wow, he sure has a classy inner circle. And she will be one of the chief witnesses against his royal dopiness.

I watched the duel of the old guys--John Smoltz and Barry Bonds last night. Johnny worked Barry over and Barry knew it. They shared a moment on the field:

"I can't divulge what he was saying, but we have a lot of respect for each other," Smoltz said. "We've battled for so long. I can't think of pitchers other than (Greg) Maddux and (Tom) Glavine ... we've all stayed in the National League, been there 20 years and so has he, so the history speaks for itself."
Smoltz nearly took Bond's knees out. Poor Barry can barely move. He is 43 or almost. So he's old. It was good to see John go after him though. Make Bonds work for it.

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