Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy July 4th II--UPDATED

Isn't it weird when July 4th is on Wednesday? It's like a weekend in the middle of the week but shorter and you have to go to work on Thursday taking the fun out of any potential hangover. We went to the Fireworks. Kids sat on the top of our SUV, one of the hundreds here carrying energy company employees and their families at the Texas festivities, which, my husband pointed out, would probably be illegal in New York. Another reason we love Texas, ya'll.

As I listened to the incomparable Whitney Houston belt out God Bless America, I thought about how very blessed we are to be in the beautiful evening breeze watching fire works popping across the sky in peace all because a bunch of privileged guys risked everything for one thing: Freedom.

UPDATED: I'm not the only one who noticed the phenomenon of mid-week holidays:

Nothing like a mid-week holiday to demolish your enthusiasm for Thursday, eh? Yesterday felt like some strange out-of-place Sunday that got lost and showed up looking for directions; now we’re back to normal, but it feels like a pretend weekday. Friday will feel unearned, somehow. It’s all out of whack. But no one’s complaining.

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