Monday, July 23, 2007

Homeschooling & Headaches

I have the coughy, stuffy, head-achy, nose faucety, eye-watery, sinus cloggedy, kind of cold today. On a positive note: the kids are playing quietly, there is no screaming, and the sun is shining. Finally. All that Global Warming has kept my Houston pool at the brisk 85 degree temperature in mid-July. Normally, it would be a bath-tub by this time of the summer.

You know how I had a .00005% doubt about homeschooling? After the last two weeks, the doubt has risen to 50-50. I'm thinking about going back to my original plan--continuing public school for the kids through fourth grade and peeling them off one-by-one to home school.

Ironically, Madame Blueberry is protesting. She got her mind wrapped around home schooling and now wants, really, really wants, to do it. Ugh. I've talked before about my concern for my mental health and after this summer, my concerns have not diminished. We've had a great summer, really. But last week was H-E-Double Toothpick time and I worry.....about no escape.

Aighhhh! Go to work part-time, get a Nanny and send the kids to public school. Or, homeschool.

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