Thursday, July 19, 2007

Iowahawk Considers Naming Dr. Melissa Clouthier Secretary of the Interior & Other Much Less Important News

Exciting election news....scroll down.

Gateway Pundit is blogging a blue streak. I don't know how he isn't blogging for Pajama's Media. Valerie Plame receives justice. Hillary gets a spanking by the Pentagon. She's needed some discipline. It's always important to remember that she goes to the same school of expedience that edumacated her husband.

"They're two peas in a pod". A sweet, inspiring story.

Why the John Doe amendment is could have been important to you:

McCarthy sums up why this is so critical: “As Pete King’s office notes, in a post-9/11 reality, passenger vigilance is essential to our security. Given the variety of threats we face and terrorists’ history of targeting mass transit systems, encouraging passengers to report strange behavior to authorities is really just common sense. Failing to report suspicious behavior could end up costing thousands of lives — and while the “flying imams” don’t seem to understand this, the American people do. We must make certain that brave citizens who stand up and say something are given the protections they deserve. The King amendment does exactly that, and Democrats musn’t be allowed to strip it from the 9/11 conference report on a technicality.”

Barbara Streisand and Bill Clinton...together? Oi! Can you imagine the spawn of that pair?

Finally, for those of you who lean right and just can't decide who to vote for, namely because one of the most important candidates hasn't even declared yet, please vote for Burge. I know I will--if for no other reason than I can say, "My really super special and important blog friend is totally going to win the presidency and his V.P. allows me to headline over at his place now and again, so that makes me a definite guest in the Lincoln bedroom." In fact, I'm such an insider, I think I'd like a Cabinet appointment. Secretary of the Interior sounds good. The White House d├ęcor could use a makeover. Plus, I'd be eighth in line to be the big kahuna. Only eight bikini-distracted, cigar smoking neanderthal neocons to knock off. Easy peesy.

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