Wednesday, July 25, 2007

MySpace Bans Sex Offenders...That They Know About

The remarkable thing about this story: 29,000. That number is terrifying.

"That number includes just the predators who signed up using their real names, and not the ones who failed to register or used fake names, or who haven't been convicted," wrote Mr. Cooper, who is one of several attorneys general working to slap restrictions on social networks.
In addition, how many technology un-savvy predators are there? With this Internets thingy, I found out: 600,000 registered sex offenders in the United States. Maybe being computer savvy, lacking social skills and luring children because you're too lame to get laid by an adult is a sub-set disorder of the 600,000. Or maybe there's multiple thousands more on MySpace registering under a pseudonym. That would be my bet. Parents, watch your children!

And initially, MySpace wouldn't release the predators' information. Let's see, Google will filter its content for China, but won't share data with their own government. MySpace will harbor sexual predators.

These technology companies need to find a moral compass and quick. Doing what's right shouldn't have to be imposed by the government or law enforcement. They are hardly more trust-worthy.

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Anonymous said...

And remember, these are only the Sex Offenders who were dumb enough to use their own real name & information.

I mean, who uses their real name or gives out real info in a place like MySpace? Except the prey...