Monday, August 06, 2007

Beauchamp Blues : The New Republic Gets Duped By A Dope--UPDATE

Not that any of you care, but another member of the narrative-driven MSM got duped. This time they were duped by a soldier spewing their cherished beliefs (they should have slowed down, I mean it's like totally common knowledge that soldiers are scum): mainly that soldiers are raving psycho killing-machines marauding the Iraq countryside killing dogs, laughing at disfigured people (who don't exist and if they do exist, exist in Kuwait before being stationed in Iraq but let's not get picky, we all know soldiers are malignant amoral automatons), and creating mass graves, because, hey!, it's fun.

Ace is laughing and doing a celebratory Ewok dance.

Michelle Malkin asks if Beauchamp lied under oath or to TNR. He's lying to somebody.

And he's definitely screwed TNR and his buddies according to Resurrection Song--except the language isn't so delicate.

You know, I really, really don't care about The New Republic being screwed. If they weren't such eager beavers, they would have used some sense and checked out the fantastical stories. Beauchamp's war buddies, though, have been smeared. Who would want to be in a foxhole with this jerk? I know I wouldn't.

And just for the record, it was stooopid, un-fact checked bloggers that checked the facts. Again.

History here.

UPDATE: And how will those who defended him react? Why, this will up his street cred with them. Scott Beauchamp got railroaded by the Man, man. Probably water-boarded, too, dude. Beauchamp will be giving false testimony to Congress and running for the Senate, if history is an guide.

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