Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bush's Goal: Ruin Every Diplomatic Relationship

According to this unsigned New York Times editorial this is what Bush was doing the first few weeks in office:

The Bush team was so busy in 2001 trying to upend America’s global relationships according to a neo-conservative agenda that the then national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice, did not see any urgency in reports that Al Qaeda was determined to strike in the United States. Mr. Tenet later helped hype the “slam dunk” intelligence that Mr. Bush used to justify diverting the military from the war of necessity against Al Qaeda in Afghanistan to the war of choice in Iraq.
You know, I find it interesting that a report pointing to Bill Clinton's willful ignorance still gets painted as George Bush's problem, but hey, it's The New York Times.

And what do the super secret nameless smarty-pants NYT editorial writers think of all the moderate conservatives being elected in Europe and moving toward the United States? The leaders of Germany, France, Canada and Britain have reaffirmed American ties.

Could it be that these countries, especially those in Europe, see the rationality of addressing radical Islam head-on instead of pretending the problem doesn't exist?