Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Gay Republicans For Family Values--UPDATE

Meh. I'm sick of rewarding hypocritical Democrats. Since when is homosexuality bad to Democrats? And why would they out a person anyway except to exploit what they perceive as homophobia by Republicans? I thought Democrats embraced the "other".

But Craig is HYPOCRITICAL!!!!!

Let me put it this way: I think Republicans should retire over sex scandals when Democrats start voluntarily living carbon neutral lives in mud huts powered by windmills, give extra money to the government because taxes aren't high enough and boot the criminals in their midst.

The fact is that Democrats don't give a poop about toe tapping in a toilet stall. They don't care about $100K in a freezer. What they care about is power. Power comes by bringing the opposition down. It's especially delicious when there's sex involved.

So Larry Craig should stay. It seems Congress is full of scheming, corrupt, hypocritical, sex-crazed, money-obsessed scumbags. He'll be right at home.

And now, the rational, clear-headed, good Melissa comes forward.

OK, I'm being cynical. What she says:

Craig has a difficult moral problem if, as it seems, he has a gay sexual orientation, but he has chosen to marry a woman. Cheating on his wife and obtruding on the bathroom-going public is no way to deal with his predicament. It's especially ugly if he's taking this miserable course in order to maintain his grip on political power with an electorate that wouldn't tolerate him if he lived his life openly and honestly.
Listen, I think guys who repeatedly cheat and do it in bathrooms (ewww!) are scum. Gay guys who marry women and have families while continuing their secret gay lifestyle so they can have a "legitimate" life are worse than scum. Congressmen who try to intimidate cops? Piece of crap scum. Scum. Scum. Scum. Scum. Scum.

Let us pray. Better?

That the Left believes that conservatives hate gay people and hope to exploit this still makes me crazy. Larry Craig is an amoral idiot. Republicans should be better than that. It's about time they start making a feeble attempt at that noble goal--smart, moral leaders, I mean.

UPDATE: This is generally my husband's position. He thinks the evidence is thin. Me, too. Why would Craig cop to it? Lawyer up, dude! Well, the fact that he didn't implies stupidity. But then again, he'll have plenty of company in Congress.

And there's a poll here. H/T Glenn Reynolds

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