Thursday, August 02, 2007

Giuliani "Does Piss The Right People Off"

Ace is rethinking Giuliani:

I'm pushing Rudy a little more again now because I think it's likelier he'll actually be the nominee, and I'd sort of like the GOP to actually be behind him should that happen. Not that Fred isn't a strong contender. Just that I expected Rudy to collapse after his conservative-angering positioning and the Thompson surge. As he's not collapsing, and Thompson isn't surging anymore (gaining support, sure, but not surging like he was), I think conservatives have to re-think Giuliani. Not as a first choice, necessarily, but just re-think whether he's an acceptable choice.
As a reluctant political junkie, the whole election thing seems overwrought and too soon to say anything meaningful, yet. Obama is talking out his ass. Big surprise. He's young and ignorant and inexperienced and every time he flaps his jaws, he proves it. He'll be a lovely Veep.

The two big contenders to Hillary on the Democratic side couldn't have been better chosen. One makes her look experienced. The other makes her look tough. A juvenile and a pretty boy make Hill look like the "smart, tough choice." Hill-alrious.

On the Republican side, there are many decent guys but no knock-your-socks-off-wow-this-guy-is-just-what-the-world-needs. But I'm not looking too hard yet. Because I don't care enough yet. It is still a year away.

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