Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Healthy Skepticism

There is little doubt that the American health care system doesn't do a very good job of keeping people healthy. Modern medicine and many medications and surgeries exist so a person won't die, not so they can live well. And while that, in itself, is noble, the opposite outcome happens, too: medications and surgeries meant to save lives actually contribute to deaths.

I think the problem in medicine reflects those who seek cures: it is a system that externalizes responsibility. People have health problems that happen to them. They are victims of their own bodies. The solution happens to them, too. But the vast majority of American illness is entirely preventable (80% with 90% of health care expenditures spent on preventable illness). A passive mentality results in giving power to those who would "cure". And people willingly do it so that they can continue their lifestyle.

So, here is a video from Dr. Mercola about health care in America. It is sobering. While I don't go in for the conspiracy theories--I actually believe that scientists and doctors want to save people with innovative technology and medication and they dedicate their lives to saving their fellow man (often from their own stupidity) I also believe that good intentions pave the road to hell. Our health care system can be hell:

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Anonymous said...

I found this video informative and good. Yet, I think there needs to be a balance. It was through medical breakthroughs that diseases, which used to kill many, many people, were able to safe many lives. Our future still hold many of these breakthroughs to be discovered. These discoveries will also safe many lives.

Healthcare today is in part corrupt because of greed. The Hippocrates
oath, "not to do any harm," has been tainted because of this greed. This is a problem.

Seeing conventional medicine and alternative medicine come together would be a great answer. Both sides have so much to offer. Both sides can balance each other with their convictions and view points. Both are needed.