Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Here Comes The Storm

La-di-dah-dah. Here comes the storm. It's alright.

Well, maybe not. We Houstonians have endured a strange summer. It rained through April, May, and June and even into July. And then Mother Nature flipped the switch and on came the heat. But really, I haven't heard too many people complain because it's been so rainy that seeing the sunshine for more than a few hours in a row has been worth the heat.

That's about to change. A couple tropical storms are set to dump on us and the ground is just now drying up. In some places, it is still soaked. It is worthwhile to remember the damage another slow moving tropical storm did to Houston. Hurricane Rita made things miserable for a few, but Tropical Storm Allison devastated downtown Houston. Millions of dollars of research were lost in the underground hospital system. It was bad. A neighborhood near here has just now recovered. That happened six years ago.

It's worthwhile to note that even with motivated home owners and significant infrastructure, it takes years to recover from flood damage. And even when it's all fixed mold is an on-going problem. I have yet to see a home that shouldn't just be torn down and rebuilt after such devastation.

So here's hoping that we get a little spot of rain and not a flood.