Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hurricane Dean Exploitation

Unbelievable. There will be looters, there always are looters after disasters. And then there are the metaphorical looters. The people who exploit tragedy, who take glee in people suffering because the people suffering aren't the right kind of people.

Who are these bad people who deserve to die and suffer? Why, they're the people of Texas, of course. They elected George W. Bush Governor, and then helped to elect him president. Some Texans actually still support him. And for that, they deserve a Cat V hurricane's wrath, according to Charles Feldman:

Hurricane Dean, soon to be up graded to a full blown Category 5 hurricane, is taking aim at Texas…the state that gave us George W. Bush. In fact,this could be a second punishing blow to the Tex-assians. Flash flooding from Tropical Storm Erin has already swept away people in the San Antonio area.

Keeping with this religious theme…if it is true that man is created in God’s image, the thought that the almighty might look like George W is enough to convert someone to Satan.
Except for one little thing, the hurricane is currently heading toward Mexico. I suppose the people who live in Cozumel and Cancun deserve God's wrath because.....

H/T Newsbusters who notes that this idiot once was a correspondent for CNN:
Wow. Keep in mind this wasn't just some anonymous loon posting away on a leftwing blog. This far gone BDS post came from a CNN veteran of 21 years. Feldman is currently working as a reporter for KNX Newsradio in Los Angeles and as a contributor to Reuters. I suppose those two organizations are unconcerned about employing a biased moonbat unembarrassed about putting his over the edge BDS on public display.
What is there to be embarrassed about? He's just saying what everyone else thinks.