Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hurricane Dean: Houston Outside The Cone, For Now

It looks like Hurricane Dean will go south of us. Well, it looks that way right now. Dean looks to be heading straight for Jamaica. If it peals off a little north or south, the course could completely change:

Still, as Sullivan notes, small wobbles can have big implications, and it would behoove everyone in the Gulf to keep paying attention. It was, after all, a wholly unexpected leftward wobble over the Florida peninsula that sealed New Orleans’s fate in 2005, sending Katrina hurtling toward the central Gulf instead of the panhandle.
Watch and wait. And continue to pray for Jamaica. They appear to be in a world of hurt. If you haven't been in winds that go up to 150 mph, it's hard to describe it. It will be a terrifying time for those in its path.