Friday, August 03, 2007

Replicans: It's All, And I Mean ALL, Their Fault

I read this in the comment section at the Politico regarding the "computer malfunction":

replicans... obfuscate, lie, impede, block, issue propaganda, take a bribe or two, whine, run up big deficits, cut taxes for the rich only, spend a trillion dollars on a war based on a lie, shoot your hunting partners and cover up that you were drunk, blame others, waste resources on favored contractors, unfunded mandates, crumbling bridges, crumbling schools, all hat no cattle, talk tough and do nothing, can't find Osama, leak classified information, violate the hatch act, destroy documents, refuse congressional oversight, obfuscate, blame others, lie,
To me, it is the best sum-up of the Left's arguments against Republicans. Are even one of the accusations true, because I can't find one with a shred of evidence.

My personal favorite for sheer cold calculating cruelty: crumbling bridges. Now, why didn't I think of that. Of course, crumbling bridges are replicans fault! Everything is.

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