Monday, August 27, 2007

Yahoo! Communist Collaborators: Selling Out Freedom To Make A Buck

LEFT: These people were tortured by the Chinese government because of information given to them by Yahoo!

You know those German companies that made money using slave labor during WWII? Remember the whole premise of Schindler's List? Yeah, well, Yahoo! can put themselves in the same category of business owner--willing to look the other way at moral depravity for their own bottom line:

Yahoo! acknowledged that it provided Chinese officials with identifying information of its Yahoo! service users that made these arbitrary arrests and long-term imprisonments possible, but the company claims that it had to provide the information in compliance with Chinese law. Sklar noted that “the language of China’s requests to Yahoo! make it clear that these individuals were being targeted for their exercise of free speech and free press rights, and not for any legitimate law enforcement reasons.” During Congressional hearings held in February 2006, Yahoo! also defended its actions by claiming that it was not aware of the purpose for which the information was requested. Recent information has surfaced, however, indicating that Yahoo! was, in fact, aware of the repressive purposes of the requests. On August 3, Tom Lantos (D-CA), Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, announced that Congress would investigate Yahoo!’s conflicting statements to determine whether the internet company lied under oath about what it knew during last year’s Congressional hearings.

I'm not saying that the Yahoo! leadership are a bunch of Nazis. I'm saying they are communist collaborators. Perhaps they never viewed themselves this way. Perhaps they quaver at losing the Chinese market over principles. Perhaps they rationalized into collaborating with communist thugs. I hope they're losing sleep at night.

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Viscova said...

Thanks for your article. The photo does a lot to make this a human issue instead of a political issue. For my part, I've done what little I could. I immediately deleted my yahoo account, upon hearing about this disgrace.