Saturday, October 13, 2007

Armenian Genocide--UPDATE

Oh, yes, the Democrats are too that Machiavellian. They would love for Turkey to get all crazy right now. Invading Iraq and killing some Kurds would be delightful. See? There is no safe place in Iraq. The whole country is a mess.

How about this separated at birth photo? Scary:

The Turkey resolution is nothing less or more than an attempt to undercut the U.S. at a delicate time. It's politically uncomfortable for Democrats for things to go well in Iraq. Better to have Turkey pissed off. That will cause everyone problems. Maybe it will even cost lives.

Let's keep our priorities straight. Political lives are at stake.

And who is doubting that it was genocide? No. One. Sometimes, the greater part of wisdom is to shut up. Especially when loose talk could very well cause another genocide.

UPDATE: Thanks Glenn, for the link! While you're here, read about the cyber con artist who ruined a life. It can be a scary place on this Internets thingy.


paul a'barge said...

Sometimes, the greater part of wisdom is to shut up.

Remarkable. shut up

What was that saying about "first, they came for the whatever and then they came for ..."

You fill in the blanks.

By all means, when it comes to genocide, we must remember to be persons of wisdom and remember to shut up.

How simple life must be to be saddled with the morals of a farm animal.

Anonymous said...

Right. Nice insult. It manages to raise the specter of the Nazis.

But, in the case of Turkey, the men who organized the murders of the Armenians have been dead for probably a half century at least. Their great grandchildren are old. In 1930's Germany, the targeting of different groups in sequence happened in a time period of a few short years. I guess the Turks are more clever. They do their crimes over generations with a century in between each act.

No. The real assistants to genocide here are the senior Democrats in Congress. Remember, these are the same people who when they first entered politics and/or Congress proudly abandoned millions in SE Asia to genocide, oppression, and risky flights to exile and refugee camps. There is no human being that the Democrats won't sacrifice if it gives them a bit more power.

libhom said...

Your endorsement of the Armenian genocide is sickening. I don't know how you sleep at night.

Melissa Clouthier said...


Your willful misreading of my stance is stupefying. I don't know how you function day-to-day with that kind of reasoning.

Muslims Against Sharia said...

Muslims Against Sharia commend House Democrats and Speaker Pelosi for pressing ahead with an Armenian genocide bill. Republican opposition to the bill is pure manifestation of moral relativism.
Muslims Against Sharia condemn Turkish government for refusing to acknowledge Armenian genocide and recalling its US ambassador as a response to the bill.

Source: AFP

Kerry said...

Firstly, there is no "pure moral relativism"; it's one or the other, sometimes, or not.
The Turkish legislative body should pass a resolution condemning the 1975 Democrat Congress vote cutting off funding to the Republic of S. Vietnam as genocidal.

submandave said...

Call me odd, but I prefer to have my elected officials spending their time doing things that matter and make a difference, rather than "expressing their sentiments" or "recognizing the importance" or any other key word and tricky phrase that is included in this non-binding resolution. When I evaluate a piece of legislature I ask myself "What does this do? What are the intended results of passing this bill? What could be the unintended results?"

In my evaluation, this bill does nothing but say "look how good an dmoral we are by recognizing that forcibly removing and killing more than a million people is bad." Hell, any third grader could tell you that. If this is such an important thing for the Congress to do and if they have nothing more important and pressing, then I'd say pass, but make sure it has a companion bill recognizing that the United States had a defacto policy of genocide against the Indians that they inherited from the British and continued until victory was secured at Wounded Knee. The mote in your own eye and all that. If, however, Congress sees no value in such self introspection, I wonder at the real value of condemning a bunch of foreign dead people and a government that no longer exists.

The Democrats would have you believe their intent is to "restore" America's moral authority. That and $3.50 will get you a mocha latte at Starbucks. Sorry to sound dismissive, but I never bought the line that America's "moral authority" was as much in the crapper as some tend to think, and failing to see the Democrat game plan of abandoning the good people of Iraq to murder, mayhem and oppression could conceivable be seen by anyone as "moral," I will question their evaluation of what others' perception of same is.

Which leave the final question of unintended consequences. I will be generous than Anonymous and assume the Democrat leadership is acting in ignorance and not malice, but assuming that calling your ally a bunch of murderous thugs on the global stage will not adversely affect the relationship and cooperative effort takes more than garden variety ignorance and borders on both unrefined stupidity and denial.

My opposition is not to recognizing that the Armenians were greatly wronged, but that it is being done by the wrong people at the wrong time in the wrong way and for the wrong reasons.

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