Friday, December 07, 2007

Climate Sinners

More religious talk from the Global Warming types. Now, the United States, along with Saudia Arabia are the chief sinners.

The only conclusion I can come to is that mankind needs some sort of religion. And since going to church is passé and reading the Bible marginally literally categorizes one as a medieval ignoramus, the only choice is to make up rules, laws, and damnation on the fly.

Enter environmentalism.

You can't even talk to these people anymore. It's not enough to renew, recycle and reuse. Oh no! Now we must reduce the number of children, if have any at all. We must reduce our refuse--go on a third-world diet to produce third world amounts of poop. We must downsize everything from our houses to our trucks. We must not light a candle. The list is getting so long and Pharisaical, who needs church? The nightly news is a sermon.

Like all cults, the Environmentalist religion has a shred of truth. It's a good thing to live modestly and within our means. It's a good thing to not trash the environment--to dress and keep what we're given. It's a good thing to respect all living things, including plants. It's a good thing to treat animals humanely. These are all good things.

But this condemning language and apocalyptic fervor is going to drive people away from saving the planet. It's just too....weirdly religious. If environmentalists want to save the environment they could start by saving their message. Make it factual and doable. People will try. Find a way to work with human nature. People will buy it because they want to.

The church lady rarely ever gets listened to.