Friday, March 14, 2008

Barack's Birds of a Feather

Didn't your mother tell you that you'd be judged by the company you keep? She was right and you resented it, but you thought about it at the most inconvenient times--especially when your buddy was being a complete dumbass. You'd have been mortified if you got caught. Or, maybe you did get caught and had to explain yourself.

There's a reason why the dude driving the getaway car gets thrown in the pokey right along with the robber. The robber needed the driver to do the deed. They worked as a unit. Their crime couldn't have as effectively been committed without the other.

Enter Barack Obama's circle of friends. Enter Barack Obama himself. Obama proclaimed, after 9/11 that he didn't need to wear a flag pin or outward sign of patriotism. Obama has had trouble finding his heart during the national anthem. Obama seems uncomfortable with public displays of affection for the country that has feed, clothed and supported his sorry ass. Just. Can't. Do. It. And this inability to demonstrate, to act loving toward his country stands in stark contrast to his words of reconciliation, healing and love-building. Or does it?

I actually think the reconciliation talk is just a pernicious extension of the negative beliefs the Obamas hold about America. America is racist. It's divided. It's evil. And all that can be ameliorated with someone like Barack Obama. He's painted as the savior, because he is the savior. He's a savior from sin, transgression and evil. He's a savior FROM America because America itself is evil. Obama is the Leftist Jerry Falwell.

Michelle Obama enthused about her husband's success. I think her delight and amazement that he's doing so well has genuinely surprised her. Why, America is a racist, bigoted place where white people are weened on hate and degrading "the other" is just what white people do. So, it challenges more than a few beliefs to see white people lined up for miles to see her husband. And not just see him, but cheer him, kiss him, just desire to touch him.

How could two Ivy Leaguers, who benefited from all the intellectual and physical plenty America has to offer still hold such tarnished views? It's the company they keep. Black or white, the far Left in this country believes the crazy spouted by their beloved pastor, Jeremiah Wright. Hang out at Daily Kos for a day. Nutty conspiracy theories, racism, sexism, rants against corporations, environmental hysteria, and on and on and on are just the normal talk on any given day.

Jeremiah Wright's weekly diatribes reinforced the wine-sipping discussions around the Obama dining room table (in the house they got via Tony Rezco, but that's just Chicago politics as usual). Words like "God DAMN America", which are so offensive to the average American, sounds like sweet music to people who believe that America screws everyone. And I believe, that until this election which has opened their jaded eyes, somewhat, that the Obamas believe or believed that America screws everyone.

Birds of a feather flock together. Barack Obama's flock is just revealing the dark underbelly of Leftist cant. It isn't pretty. Obama has shown no desire to moderate his Leftist policies. Yesterday, it was a trillion dollar tax increase. He is a classic statist Leftist. There is nothing new under the sun. The sad thing is, this vile belief system washed and nurtured the Obamas. And they aren't going to change once they get to the White House.

It seems a fair comparison to put Obama in the same category as Jimmy Carter. And that's more than a little terrifying.

And just as an aside, imagine a white person talking about black people this way. Try to imagine it. There will be no reconciliation when one race damns another.

For a somewhat dissenting view, read the Anchoress who believes that these tapes were put forward by the Clinton campaign. She also believes this isn't racism, but classic victimhood ideology.


Anonymous said...

The Obama's are indeed very disturbing. I read a fascinating piece on Michelle Obama yesterday and I can't seem to find it this morning otherwise I would have told you about it. It gave real insight into her psyche.

Btw: They not only cheer him, kiss him, desire to touch him, but..... also faint in his presence.

Sorry, we don't need a so called "saviour" of that sort in the White House.

Chalmers said...

This "pastor" is a great example of what is wrong with much of the "civil rights" movement today in the US. This is the same kind of guy that defended the Jenna 6. The kind of person that equated the Jenna 6 to Dr. King's being in a Birmingham jail. What a load of crap! Let me assure you, there are many African Americans out there that do not see America this way. They are the people that saw through the bullshit in Jenna. These are the same people that see through Jesse Jackson for the race-baiter that he is.

Unfortunately, there is no honest discourse of these things. No honesty from Mr and Mrs Obama, acknowledging that he would not be where he is if not for the greatness of America. He would not be where he is without the support of black, white, latino and mixed-race Americans. Not just the voters, but the workers, the donors and the many other supporters. It does not mean he owes "Whitey" anything, it just means he does owe this great country some gratitude, just like we all do...

- Little Bro

Anonymous said...

Chalmers, very well said!!!

fromwembley said...

Good article. I'm glad more people are talking about this reverend and mentor of Obama. Too bad it took this long for people to start seeing the real Obama. If his campaign had not been such a fad and novelty he would never have gotten this far. The Democrats had a lot of good potential candidates who weren't treated so favorably by the media.

Obama is a racist and a flake. I don't know why he isn't starting some secessionist movement or repatriation program. Why he wants to be President of a country he hates is beyond me.

sandy said...

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